The Caged Bird Sings by Thomas Colvin III

The Caged Bird Sings by Thomas Colvin III was revealed today at Mural City Coffee Company in Dothan, AL today and it was a great turnout. When I found out about the reveal event I knew I was going to make a point to show up, but I wanted to more than just attend.

Thomas Colvin III-1.jpg

I met Thomas a couple of years ago at a bridal show at Woodham Farms venue. We were a couple of booth tables down from each other and I was pleased to be around him. Very easy to talk with and down to earth. Just from a glance, I knew he was an artist beyond photography. He was set up for photography and I was set up for videography and photography. Mind, I had JUST added photography to my services for my business. Not to mention there were a few more very talented photographers at the event.

*Photo credit: My daughter Olivia snapped the photos of the artwork 😊

Since the bridal show we have mingled from time to time and I have admired all his work. Today was a special day in the history of Dothan, Alabama. We have an amazing artist living here and he was able to share his work.

I mentioned I wanted to do more than attend, I wanted to record the event for him. I appreciate the arts and I hope this video helps share his story of his work.

Enjoy and please share.