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Wedding Videography Defined

Wedding videography has evolved quite a bit even since I was married back in 2008. There’s always that one family member who had a camcorder that used actual film and now wedding videos have become a full production. I’ve made living making wedding videos. There’s many videographers, filmmakers, and cinematographers out there (what do we even call ourselves?) and we all have a different style and product. I’d like to take a moment to help define my style and product.

In this area, people are getting better about being video minded. With that said, there’s been a handful of wedding video creators, all of which do good work, but have set an example of what a wedding video is. The common wedding video type seen and talked about referred to as a “highlight” video. In a nutshell, the highlight video takes the best parts of the day and puts it in a timeline of sorts.

That’s where I need to define my style and product. At first highlight videos are what I created, but wasn’t the product I wanted to deliver.

I offer a few packages to help clients get the best experience as possible. I want all their special moments and memories captured to be able to view at any time. That’s where I think a Doc Edit does the best. It has all the wedding elements a couple will want on video.

I have recently changed the name from Highlight Film to “Wedding Short Film” and truly defines the type of style and product I want my clients to understand and enjoy.

What’s the difference?

Wedding Short Films are a cinematic styled/themed video capturing the heart of the couple with some snippets from the wedding day. My goal is to present to my clients a film that tells the story of the couple.

My films are not just a collage of video clips pieced together. There’s a lot of thought and heart put into my wedding films. If you’re looking for highlight from the day with a wedding short film, please see the Doc Edit package.

I want my wedding short films to be the most romantic, cinematic, emotional, and beautiful videos as possible! I want people’s hearts to be captured while watching the films.

In short, I want my clients to connect with the work that is presented. A highlight film can potentially connect well with people, but in my opinion, a short film is designed to connect, not just be consumed.

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