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Does camera gear matter?

There’s a concept that floats around the creative community that states…

Gear doesn’t matter, it’s the artist’s talent that makes the creation. It’s the story that matters.

While that is true, to an extent, I believe there is a balance between the artist and the tools chosen to be used. Put it this way, gear is like a paint brush a painter uses. There are various types of brushes that allow the artist to perform specific tasks. The same goes for camera gear.

The story always matters regardless of what medium is being used. However, tools can help communicate the story in a different light. For example, black and white vs color.

In filmmaking, a camera gimbals dramatically change how a shot looks and allows for movement that you wouldn’t have without some sort of stabilization. An ND filter helps shooting outdoors

In photography, a flash can improve lighting conditions. Different lenses give different perspectives.

The list can go on…

Recently I picked up some new camera flash gear because I want to present and delivery a certain quality and style to my clients. I also love the potential this gear gives me as a creator.

I had a few moments to take the new gear out in the backyard for some testing and here’s those shots! For a first time using this type of gear, I am pretty happy with the results. It’s only going to get better :-)

First Test flashpoint xplor 600.jpg

The story behind these photos is quite simple and fun at the same time. My daughter was a bit hessitant about modeling for my test session, but warmed up to the photo session as I allowed her to be creative with the process as well. Once she got the bubbles blowing and flowers in her hair she was all about it!

Lesson learned, I can incorporate my business tasks with my family. Two birds one stone. I don’t mind one bit.

Also, since I am on the multitasking subject, I am listening to music for a wedding highlight video I am working on. Its’ the perfect chance to edit some photos while I listen. And why not share the experience with you!

I hope this post was encouraging to you!

Gear Used

  • Sony a7Riii

  • Sony 85mm 1.8

  • Flashpoint XPLOR 600 TTL

  • Flashpoint R2PROs

  • Glow modifier

  • Neewer light stand

Joshua Bane